New Home For No Limits

This is the new home of No Limits, the free to download sci-fi wargames rules for use with just about any 28mm miniatures.
nolimits logo 512w
No Limits is a fast paced miniatures tabletop battle system for two or more players. There are no limits, the whole universe is the battleground and any army is possible.

Faster than light travel and interstellar wormholes have opened worlds to those that wish to take what they do not have. No worlds are safe. Fight or suffer. Liberty of slavery. There is no choice. There is only one way.

In the future, there are No Limits…

You can design an army based around any miniatures in your collection. Unretire those old miniatures and let them do battle once again…


7 thoughts on “New Home For No Limits

  1. Just found this game a few weeks back; looks pretty good. Is there a force list that would work well with the old FASA Growler models? I saw a reference to “Dozers” but didn’t find any stats for them.


    • Hi Grognard, the Growler/Dozer list was never finished. A friend had a large Razorback force, but the NL army list is still in the things to do pile. I still have a box load of unpainted models in the “Loft Full Of Lead”.
      Perhaps you could give it a go?
      I would be happy to comment on any work in progress.


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